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HONORARIA APPEALS FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe0x7iSJLhjlnpzR_beMaMvH9mc3bXktKNmnU4LGvArI1LFcQ/viewform?usp=pp_url

Judicial Branch of UCSB Student Government 

The UCSB Associated Students Judicial Council serves as the judicial branch of the student government and is empowered to hear and decide any cases under its legal jurisdiction as noted in Article VII of the AS Constitution. Included in this provision is the responsibility of the Council to adjudicate completely and diligently questions pertaining to the AS Legal Code, including, but not limited to, the By-Laws and policies of any AS entities including all AS Board and Committees, KCSB, and all AS Business Services in order to render a just and equitable decision. The Council operates independently with unabridged sovereignty from Student/Faculty Commission on Student Conduct. Judicial Council acts as the final appellate body to which all appeals are formally directed to and justly addressed in a formal professional hearing process of the court that begins with following the procedures outlined on this website as well as the updated AS Legal Code. The court hearing process may initially seem a bit convoluted than expected, however the distinct resources provided on this website and the updated AS Legal Code will allow you to familiarize yourself with the basic procedures of appealing a case and facilitate your ability to pursue concrete action for the justice of the association accordingly.

The Council consists of an executive chairman, four members-at-large, and a non-voting staff advisor who guides the Council in make sound decisions. Judicial Council operates very similarly to the U.S. Supreme court, by allowing students to address their own concerns whenever necessary by participating in a  professionally systematic court hearing procedure, open forum, and the extensive deliberation among the Council members at the end of the hearing to render a justified decision that seeks to amend the issue of existing political conflicts and mitigate violations of the Legal Code to sustain the promising operation of our association in representing the student body and catering to their respective needs.

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This website has been constructed to primarily provide an intimate understanding and knowledge of the judicial process within Associated Students and to establish formidable access of our resources for any given enrolled individual student who aspires to utilize our services in combating political injustice within the association. Please feel free to submit any questions or comments you have by using Judicial Council’s email address, which is located on the contact us page of the website, insofar as to optimally exercise the student power that has been vested to you allowing us to collectively advance our institution for the greater good and establish secure justice that restricts any marginal room for political corruption and violations of the Legal Code to surface.